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IELTS repeat trend is on the rise. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you choose our individual training course. It’s more effective and authentic. Join sir sm imran at sharae faisal tomorrow.
“Best results”
Saeed 8.0 band Ac
Hibba 8.0 band Ac
Saad 8.0 band AC


L [8.5] R [8.5] W [ 7 ] S [ 8 ] = 8.0 band overall
subia got 2nd position in pak
3rd in the world through
sir sm imran’s technique.
Clear your IELTS test in 1st attempt,
Join tomorrow at sharae Faisal.
Latest results
7.0 band by hammad
7.5 band by tuba



Masterclass IELTS training by sir sm imran on Wednesday at sharae Faisal. The most authentic in depth IELTS preparation. If u need an individual attention &
7.0 band in each module then this place is the best 4u.
L7.5 R7.5 W7.5 S7.5 =7.5
Fahad Iqbal
The best 2013 results
Farina 8.0 band
Yasmeen 7.5
Sidra 7.0
Shariq 7.0
Ameen 7.0



Now learn IELTS to the point, our time saving techniques boost your skills and make you much faster than ever, if you are searching for the quality and the fastest service, this place is the best for you. Join 8 band target course by sir sm imran tomorrow at sharae Faisal.
L8.5 R8.5 W7.5 S7= 8 band by fatima
Nowadays the IELTS requirement is getting higher and reaches upto 8 band, unfortunately, many people are unable to clear it even in 3rd or 4th attempt, thus disqualified. However, to deal this challenge, only sir sm imran provides in depth training which actually helps you get 8 band. And he proves it. Remember! choosing sir imran is the real success. In series of 2013 results, his students have got a remarkable success. Join at sharae Faisal tomorrow.
Salman 8.5 band Masood 8.0 Qadir 8.0 Shariq 7.0


Why do people have to repeat IELTS exam again? The reasons behind are, either they study low quality tuition or they try it themselves, 4 saving some money they have to face a big loss. Plz don’t try it any way. Join the high quality training only by sir sm imran at sharae faisal today.
IELTS result 8.5 R 8.5 W 8.5 S 8 = 8.5 Band got by salman. Latest result Khalid got 7.5 band overall in Ac test.

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